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Improving grammar, punctuation and spelling at Key Stage 2


Bring rigour to your teaching of technical English and ensure that your children are equipped with the skills they need.

With the introduction of the new National Test from May 2013 and an increased emphasis on grammar in the new National Curriculum and GCSE proposals, teachers need to be confident in their own knowledge and understanding as well as in their ability to develop these skills in their pupils. This course offers a refresher on the basics of grammar and punctuation and provides a systematic approach that can be integrated throughout your literacy teaching at Key Stage 2. It also covers new ways of teaching and assessing spelling.

Learning objectives
At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Reflect upon the effectiveness of your teaching
  • Understand the key rules and concepts of grammar and punctuation
  • Consider how spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and grammar can be presented to suit different learning styles
  • Choose appropriate teaching approaches for different activities and pupils
  • Successfully integrate the teaching of grammar, spelling and punctuation into your classroom practice
  • Decide on steps to be taken to raise the attainment of your pupils.


  • Module 1 Grammar (1 hour)
  • Module 2 Punctuation (1 hour)
  • Module 3 Spelling (1 hour)
  • Module 4 Putting it all together (1 hour)

Throughout the course you will find:

  • Self assessment activities which enable you to check your current learning and understanding
  • Grammar checklists that you can download and keep for future reference. Each document can be edited and adapted so you can use them with your pupils
  • Analysis of real pupils’ work looking at common mistakes and misconceptions and how to address them

Who should take this course?

  • Key Stage 2 teachers
  • Literacy co-ordinators
  • NQTs and trainee teachers

About the course leader

Louise Moore has been teaching since 1989 and has been a literacy coordinator and now a senior teacher/Deputy Head in Lancashire. Louise has helped develop and train NQTs and has a particular specialism in developing core literacy skills. Louise has been a consultant and author of several resources including Achieve English and Rising Stars Assessment Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation tests.

School Individual

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